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Sound Therapy in Quarantine: TSI – Targeted Sound Intervention

It can be hard to find a silver lining in being quarantined during a global pandemic. Nothing about that sounds right. Yet stories are coming out daily about families discovering the beauty of family meals, enjoying activities with their kids, and getting creative with how they spend their time. There’s also the other side of the coin—the stresses of home education and trying to figure out how to keep kids busy and engaged in positive ways. At NACD we know a thing or two about home programs, keeping kids (and parents!) engaged in positive ways, and helping with the full range of developmental and educational problems.

If you are looking for a fun, interactive, and effective way to help your child who has ADD or ADHD or who just has difficulty paying attention and ignoring distractions, now is the time to consider TSI.

TSI programs are all home based and involve either very short interactive listening sessions between a child and a listening partner or pleasant treated music used as soft background. All TSI programs have been designed to improve the ability to listen, pay attention, focus, and tune out distracting background sounds.

Consider These:

  • With everyone at home at the same time, is it hard for you and/or your child to focus and concentrate with all the distractions around? When school starts back up, the same issues are going to exist in the classroom.
  • TSI: Focused Attention uses interactive listening. For a child listening to the program, this means the parent or sibling listens along as the listening partner, getting them listening and engaged with the music. It is an enjoyable activity a parent and child can do together.
  • This preliminary study (https://www.nacd.org/tsi-focused-attention-an-efficacy-study-for-adults/ ) suggested that adults can benefit from using TSI: Focused Attention also. Parents, want to improve your auditory skills while helping your child?
  • TSI: Passive Boost is great to use as background music while reading, playing, or doing school activities. It helps promote a calm listening environment, while the music is subtly filtered to emphasize the frequencies of sound in the speech range to help with focus and processing.
  • TSI: Active Boost provides a boost in the speech range of frequencies while your child listens to classical music with headphones.
  • TSI: fa2 is a great follow-up program to Focused Attention, with stories and other interesting things to listen to, while promoting auditory attention and processing.

Reprinted by permission of The NACD Foundation, Volume 33 No. 5, 2020 ©NACD


TSI—Targeted Sound Intervention is comprised of the following programs:

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TSI: Focused Attention






TSI: Active Boost



TSI: Passive Boost



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