Welcome to the Center for Speech and Sound at the National Association for Child Development.

NACD’s Center for Speech and Sound exists to provide programs like TSI – Targeted Sound Intervention, The Listening Program (TLP) and many others to individuals who have concerns related to auditory processing, listening, speech production, language skills, and feeding. Directed by a Certified Speech/Language Pathologist, programs include oral motor activities, articulation therapy, language stimulation, feeding recommendations, and auditory programs. Programs are available for individuals of all ages, including distance supervision around the world. (Speech and feeding programs are available for NACD families only. Auditory programs are open to everyone.)

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TSI - Targeted Sound Intervention


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Center for Speech & Sound Articles

Sound Therapy in Quarantine: TSI – Targeted Sound Intervention

It can be hard to find a silver lining in being quarantined during a global pandemic. Nothing about that sounds ...

Tymps, Tymps, Tymps

by Lori Riggs, MA, CCC/SLP Are you tired hearing us talk about tympanograms yet? We’re not tired of talking about ...

Middle Ear Fluid

A common and very significant issue in young children is the presence of fluid in the middle ear. The middle ...

“Can You Hear Me Now?” – FM Systems

by Lori Riggs, M.A., CCC/SLP Director of NACD’s Center for Speech and Sound “Can you hear me now?” “What did ...

NACD’s Preliminary Trial of the inTime Program

by Lori Riggs, M.A., CCC/SLP Introduction The National Association of Child Development (NACD) has many years of experience of using ...

So You Developed a Skill (So What?)

by Lori Riggs The bottom line: Isolated skills are pretty worthless. They only have meaning if they are put into ...

Addressing Auditory Processing NACD’s Way

by Lori Riggs, M.A., CCC/SLP What is it? “Auditory processing” and “auditory processing disorder” are terms that are thrown around frequently ...

Hearing Tests: A Primer for Parents

by Lori Riggs, Certified Speech/Language Pathologist At first glance an audiogram may look simple and straightforward. Delving into interpretation and ...
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