Keeping Our Heads on Straight & Moving Forward

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by Bob Doman The war in the Ukraine keeps going on, China is making more noise about Taiwan, the kids aren’t cooperating, and how much did you pay for gas today? Looking back over the decades, it would appear that we need to accept the fact that the world is going to keep throwing challenges our way, and we need … Read More

The Most Important Meal of the Day is Not Breakfast, It’s the Meal(s) the Family Has Together

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by Bob Doman “All great change in America starts at the dinner table.”  — Ronald Reagan   If your children are infants, toddlers, of school age, or adults, or somewhere in between, family meals can be incredibly important. Whether our motivation is teaching a skill (such as eating or participating in meal preparation) or fostering family dynamics (such as communicating … Read More

Educational Options 2022

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Your Child’s Educational Future: Questions Every Parent Should Ask Themselves by Bob Doman Whether you have a gifted or typical child, a child with learning or attention issues or special needs, parents need to understand what their role is, and the role, if any, of schools. More and more parents are realizing that the one size fits all education—just plug them … Read More

Arianna: You Can Say It Loud & Clear

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Arianna started at NACD, when she was 11-month-old. Today she is a 23-year-old young lady enjoying life and all the opportunities that come along. Last year she graduated from a 4-year trade school in administration and customer services.  As part of her studies, she did a 5-month internship as a receptionist in a psychology’s office. She was at the front … Read More

Processing Power: What Every Parent Needs to Know

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  Processing and Its Relationship to Cognition, Maturity, and Global Function What every parent needs to understand about processing: It’s not about chronological age, it’s processing power. by Bob Doman Whether your child is “typical,” has learning or attention issues or special needs, you need to understand your child’s processing level and its global significance. Knowing and understanding your child’s … Read More

David’s Story, A Family’s Journey

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Below is a message from Dawn Zachmann, a superstar mother of a young man with Down syndrome and autism. Dawn is one of our exceptional parents who has taken her role as parent and grandparent very seriously, to the great benefit of her family and others. Dawn, mother of 5, brought her then five-year-old son David to see me in … Read More

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