Paying it Forward: Donation Helping More Families Join NACD

While funds last, NACD initial membership is
reduced from $950 to $450

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I’m happy to report that in response to my father’s article, “What It’s All About, Entering 2018”, we received a donation to the NACD Foundation from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. The donation was earmarked specifically to subsidize the initial NACD membership, making it easier for new families who need some financial assistance to join and receive programs and services for their child or children.

If you know of someone who has wanted to join NACD but couldn’t afford it before, now would be the time to give them a shout. While the funds are available, the initial membership fee will be reduced from $950 to $450 starting today.

Families join NACD because they wish to assume the primary responsibility for their child’s development and education. These incredible families are willing to take on the responsible and to do the work. Because NACD is non-traditional, and rarely do government agencies or insurance companies assist parents who work with their own children, the weight falls squarely on the parents’ shoulders. NACD families implementing daily 1:1 comprehensive programs for their children are able to do much more than traditionally is available or financial feasible and are simultaneously saving the schools and agencies funds that can be applied to other children.

If you would like to help our exceptional families who are going above and beyond to help give their children a brighter future, please help.

Laird Doman
NACD Family Liaison

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To learn how to get started with NACD Family Memberships, please visit:

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To donate to The NACD Foundation to help more families in need, please visit:

[btn text=”Make a Donation” link=”http://www.nacdfoundation.org/donations.php” tcolor=”#ffffff” bcolor=”#2980b9″ bordercolor=”#3498db” thovercolor=”#ffffff” bhovercolor=”#3498db” borderhovercolor=”#3498db” border=”2px” size=”large” icon=”kt-icon-gift2″ target=”true”]

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