Collaboration: NACD, Parents & Schools
Working Together for Better Outcomes

Public and private schools have over the years benefited from collaboration with NACD. That collaboration has come in a variety of tailored forms.

NACD working with parents, designs comprehensive programs for individual special needs children that are implemented within the school. NACD then assists in training and overseeing school staff in program implementation and provides periodic assessments and program modifications.

Hybrid programs are very common in which the family carries out part of the program in the home and the school assumes responsibility for additional implementation within the school. Many schools provide 1:1 assistance for special needs children, but rarely are specific programs designed for each child. NACD can fill that role and maximize the 1:1 opportunity.

More and more educators are learning the significant of sequential processing and understand that building short-term and working memory and thus cognition can dramatically increase the function and future of children. NACD has been at the forefront of understanding not just the importance of these vital pieces but has been developing the tools to do it. NACD’s online Simply Smarter program has been utilized for many schools around the world over the last decade to help both children in as little as ten minutes a day. In addition, NACD has many individual activities that can be carried out during 1:1 time in school as well as methodologies that can be used by entire classes and incorporated into the curriculum.

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