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Sarah – Beating the Odds!
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How She Overcame Cerebral Palsy by Sara Erling M.ED. “Program has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. For many years, the focus was primarily on addressing my physical, visual, and processing abilities. Despite ongoing physical and visual challenges, by the time I got through high school and into college, I had a solid … Read More

Taking Charge of Your Child’s Education
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by Bob Doman Our interesting times continue on. Through the past year both nationally and internationally we have heard a lot of rhetoric regarding education. A year ago, there was a lot discussion regarding excessive screen time, but “education” for many of our children this past year meant being home and sitting in front of a computer screen all day. … Read More

How Patterns of Behavior Affect Your Developmentally Challenged Child
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by Bob Doman Most of us have no idea what creatures of habit and patterns we are, nor how stuck we can be in these behavior patterns. I have three dogs that keep reminding me of what a creature of habit I am. If I’m watching TV in the evening and pick up the TV remote, my dogs notice; and … Read More

World Down Syndrome Day 2021: A Vision of What Can Be and Should Be
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by Bob Doman Today is marked as a day to raise international awareness of Down syndrome and to help advocate for the rights of people with Down syndrome. Having worked with many thousands of individuals with Down syndrome from all over the world for over fifty years, NACD needs to begin a discussion of rights, with the right to be … Read More

Independence and the Developmentally Challenged Child
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by Bob Doman What is the difference between a parent or a caregiver trying to push a child to take a developmental step and a child being driven to take that step? For all children it is very significant; but for the developmentally challenged child it can literally be the difference between success and failure. If you observe the changes … Read More

2021: A New and Better Year
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by Bob Doman You did it—you survived 2020, a year for the record books and one which will certainly live in infamy. Almost two million folks have passed on this year due to the pandemic, and very few individuals or families have survived unscathed. I have been thankful every day that we had Skype and the ability to carry on … Read More

Our Journey With NACD
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by Captain Carol Benbrook I will never forget the feeling I had the day when Jack was labelled as autistic, he was five years old and had received a heavy educational input from myself and my supportive family with reading, math and general learning. My husband and I had left our jobs to take our son to “the best” child … Read More

Lucas: First the Vision
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  Thanks, Lucas! I’m anxious to get back on the road and see you and all of the other kids. I’ve missed you! My friend Lucas has succeeded. He has made his dream come to fruition. What started with a nine-year-old boy’s perception of a need and a vision for a solution, after four years of work, has come to … Read More

A Look Back at 2020 and Thank You to Our Families
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by Bob Doman As we approach the holidays and get ready to bid 2020, the year of Covid-19, adieu, we can count our blessings and look forward to the future with some optimism. Many of our families have had a difficult, and for some even a painful, year; but fortunately most of those in our NACD family are making it … Read More

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