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2021: A New and Better Year
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by Bob Doman You did it—you survived 2020, a year for the record books and one which will certainly live in infamy. Almost two million folks have passed on this year due to the pandemic, and very few individuals or families have survived unscathed. I have been thankful every day that we had Skype and the ability to carry on … Read More

Our Journey With NACD
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by Captain Carol Benbrook I will never forget the feeling I had the day when Jack was labelled as autistic, he was five years old and had received a heavy educational input from myself and my supportive family with reading, math and general learning. My husband and I had left our jobs to take our son to “the best” child … Read More

Lucas: First the Vision
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  Thanks, Lucas! I’m anxious to get back on the road and see you and all of the other kids. I’ve missed you! My friend Lucas has succeeded. He has made his dream come to fruition. What started with a nine-year-old boy’s perception of a need and a vision for a solution, after four years of work, has come to … Read More

A Look Back at 2020 and Thank You to Our Families
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by Bob Doman As we approach the holidays and get ready to bid 2020, the year of Covid-19, adieu, we can count our blessings and look forward to the future with some optimism. Many of our families have had a difficult, and for some even a painful, year; but fortunately most of those in our NACD family are making it … Read More

Oscar Khalil Arce Curi
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by Oscar Arce & Denisse Curi Oscar was born in Santiago, Chile on December 4, 2013. He was born by Caesarean section, weighed 3.5 kg and measured 52 cm, with an APGAR of 9. It was all normal and correct. When he was 2 months old, he had a urinary infection and had to be hospitalized, where he was given … Read More

How Clearly Is Your Child Hearing You?
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by Ellen Doman The seasons are changing and with that change comes increased congestion for children around the world. Whether you are moving from fall into winter or winter into spring, the changing temperatures, moisture levels, and changes in the trees and other plants outside can produce allergic responses in children and adults. So while these changing seasons can often … Read More

National Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Turning Wishes Into Visions and Realities
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by Bob Doman The description of National Down Syndrome Awareness Month is as follows: “The month of October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, where we celebrate and let everyone know our abilities and that we are capable of doing anything we set our minds to.” Children and adults with Down syndrome are near and dear to my heart, having known … Read More

A Thousand Different Things: What’s Wrong with the Current Curriculum
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by Ellen Doman I work with children all around the world who are having difficulties learning, typically due to issues with auditory processing and working memory. These children come to us with many different labels and diagnoses but when it comes to education the significant factor is processing, the relative weakness of the short-term auditory memory and the correlating weakness … Read More

Isaac Beichel – Highly Capable
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by Bob Doman Isaac is a young man who we are very proud of, as we are of his mom and dad who have done such a great job with him. Isaac started with us ten years ago when he was seven. In the past ten years we have had the privilege of working with Isaac’s parents to help him … Read More

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