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Sleeping and Breathing Problems

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by Steve Riggs, BS, RRT-NPS Sleep is so important to our health, healing, and learning processes. It affects the way we feel during the day and most aspects of how we function. Our sleep can be compromised or interrupted for a number of reasons. One of the big factors contributing to sleep problems is related to breathing. Breathing problems at … Read More

Oxygen: Why Use a Pulse Oximeter?

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by Steve Riggs, BS, RRT-NPS The use of pulse oximeters has been growing throughout acute healthcare for years but has been slow to catch on in home health and long term care. It has been even slower to catch on for the use of monitoring oxygen trends in the general and special needs populations. NACD has been a spearheading group … Read More

More on Brain Oxygen and Lung Health: Vital Capacity

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by Steve Riggs, BS, RRT-NPS Vital capacity may not sound like a very exciting subject. However it is a very important subject and one that we address frequently at NACD. So it’s worth your time to learn a little about what it is and why it is significant. There is a lot of talk about vital capacity (VC) when we … Read More

My Brain Needs Oxygen—What Can I Do?

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by Steve Riggs, BS, RRT-NPS How can I get more oxygen into my brain? We all know that our bodies need some attention in order to grow and be healthy. We know that we need a good diet and exercise. But what about our brain? What does it need to be able to grow, to heal, and to learn in … Read More

Lung Care: Strengthening and Hygiene

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by Steve Riggs, BS, RRT-NPS Everyone needs good lung function in order to stay healthy, feel good, and oxygenate well. Many people in our society today have challenges that require specific attention in order to keep their lungs functioning adequately. But before we discuss how to create greater lung function and build lung strength, let’s review some structural considerations. In … Read More

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