Testimonial From the Parent of Three NACD Graduates

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by Sharon Lee We had been through nearly four years of searching for answers to our oldest son, Matthew’s, angry outbursts, failure to follow through with instructions, with fear and stress weighing him down. When I was at my whit’s end and totally misunderstood by other moms, a woman from our church told me about a neighbor who had success … Read More

Accelerated: “Jennifer”

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Our daughter, Jennifer, was born on December 6, 1980, in San Diego, California at 12:45 a.m., with complications. She had swallowed her meconium while she was inside the birth canal, cutting off her oxygen. She, therefore, had an Apgar score of 1 (10 is perfect), and had to be placed in an “isolette” and taken to Children’s Hospital where she … Read More

Accelerated/Gifted: NACD Kids: “Andrew & Daniel”

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by Charlene Doland Andrew I brought Andrew to NACD when he was 9½. He had always been homeschooled and was an early reader, but I knew he had some sensory issues and some problems with fine and gross motor skills. I had heard about NACD before, but I had no awareness of “sequential processing” and how improving that could help … Read More

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