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Simply Smarter: Intensity – How to Achieve the Best Results

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by Bob Doman The Simply Smarter® program is built upon the foundation of neuroplasticity, utilizing the science of targeted input, frequency, intensity, and duration. Targeted The program constantly modifies itself to keep you right at the sweet spot, the spot that is targeted for you to achieve maximum benefit. Frequency To take advantage of neuroplasticity, we need to keep triggering … Read More

NACD Science Corner Vol. 11 – Study Links Child Prodigies & Working Memory

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A 2012 study of child prodigies conducted by Joanne Ruthsatz and Jourdan B. Urbach found that all the children studied tested in the 99th percentile for working memory. Each of the child prodigies tested at what was considered a moderately elevated intelligence and exhibited high scores relative to their attention to detail. But the most exciting results were the working … Read More

Manole Family – A “Discovery” Leads to Success with NACD & Simply Smarter

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Years ago, I saw a TV show on Discovery with an organization from England that transformed “typical” children into geniuses using programs close to what NACD is using. I was fascinated but frustrated because I believed that I would never have an opportunity to follow this type of program in Romania. After I registered my son in an NACD personalized … Read More

All Our Mothers Need to Be 10’s (and Our Dads Too!)

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by Robert J. Doman Jr. One of the things I have learned and have had reinforced on an almost daily basis is that raising children is not an easy deal. In fact, for many of us it’s the toughest, most challenging thing we ever do. And we’re not just talking about raising kids with developmental issues. It’s the “typical” ones … Read More

Brain Change: Simple Interventions to Dramatically Improve Student Functioning

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by Carol Estrada Bruce Haslam, PhD, Director of Research for The NACD Foundation, along with Tamara Knapp-Grosz, PhD, Director of Counseling and Support Services at Savannah College of Art & Design, presented “Brain Change: Simple Interventions to Dramatically Improve Student Functioning” at the 45th Southeast Conference of College Counseling Center Personnel held on November 5-7th in Chattanooga, TN. The presentation … Read More

The Cure and Prevention of Parent “Burn Out”

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by Ellen Doman It’s January, a rough time of year for parents as teachers, as well as for the kids. The holidays are over, and everyone is frequently stuck indoors for longer periods of time. It is, in fact, the most common time to hear about “burn out.” It’s a funny thing about parenting, there are not a lot of … Read More


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by Fatima Shaikh I am the mother of a lovely 12-year old boy, Usaid. He was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3 1/2 years old. We went through all the regular denials, nightmares, helplessness, and frustrations that all parents of newly diagnosed ASD children go through. As his language started developing with speech therapy, we discovered he was advanced … Read More

NACD Makes Adults Smarter Too!

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by Bridget Sheehan My name is Bridget, and I’m living in Dublin Ireland and working full time as Senior Manager in financial services. I have a Master’s degree. In May 2010 I went to London to meet Bob Doman. I had seen the amazing difference that Bob and Sara Erling had made working with my niece. I was curious to … Read More

Short Term and Working Memory: Clinical Insights

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Keynote Speaker: Robert J. Doman Jr., Founder and Director of the National Association for Child Development 2nd Annual International Congress of Developmental Psychology University of Aguascalientes Aguascalientes, Mexico October 2008 The International Congress of Developmental Psychology, held at the University of Aguascalientes, was the site of Bob Doman’s first opportunity to present the initial ground breaking data from NACD’s Simply … Read More

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