NatGeo: “How to Be” Series

175Do you have a child who wants to be a pirate?  Or maybe an Egyptian princess?  Maybe they are too old for that but are really into learning about the Revolutionary War or ancient Greece?


The National Geographic series “How To Be” contains books with factual information about various time periods and places, and provide vivid pictures on how to be a specific person in that time period.


For only $5.95, your child will enjoy reading these books with you or independently. Besides lots of great information, the books provide you with questions to ask, a glossary of new vocabulary, and further reading recommendations on the topic.


If your child tends to get stuck and obsess on a particular thing or topic, these books just might do the trick at turning him/her onto something new!  The holiday season is fast approaching, and these are an inexpensive gift to add to your child’s learning library!  Click here to order!
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