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Autism Spectrum: Working with “T”

by Sara Erling

“T was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was 4. Before we started with NACD 2 years ago, he had a high-pitched tone in his speech and he was afraid of loud noises. He could not take the regular school bus because it was too loud. He was in a mainstream classroom but got pulled out for reading. He got very nervous when he was in a new environment and demonstrated high anxiety levels.” – T’s mom

“I evaluated T in June of 2009. He was 6 ½ years old at the time and was going to repeat Kindergarten due to the need for 1:1 and a significant delay in his reading abilities. T had processing levels of a 3-4 year old. T had tactile and auditory hypersensitivities, was hyperperipheral, had low tone, low strength, articulation issues due to being slightly tongue tied, as well as having auditory tonal processing issues. Academically he was behind grade level in reading, although doing well in math. He also had a lot of avoidance behavior and was a light sleeper. While he did not have many Debilitating Sensory Addictive Behaviors, his sensory channels and low processing made it nearly impossible for him to function in a group setting.

“T continued to attend school, and his mom worked with him in the mornings and after school, consistently, on his program. Two years later he no longer qualifies for special education services. His reading has improved 6 years and he is now an accelerated reader and loves math! His processing levels have increased three developmental years. He is no longer hyperperipheral – he looks at you when he talks with you and is quite funny. They addressed his auditory tonal processing and his articulation through TLP and TSI: Focused Attention, along with our SLP’s recommendations. He is no longer hyperauditory. T’s tactility, strength, and muscle tone continue to improve. While he does still try to pull some avoidance behavior, Mom is on top of it and he knows what he supposed to do! Most importantly, he is tuned in, present, smart, witty, and loves to do what all 8-year-old boys do! Way to go, Mom and Dad, for working so hard with T. He is such a joy and I love to work with him! ” – Sara Erling, T’s NACD Developmentalist

“After working with Sara for two years, T is a total different boy today. He rides on the regular school bus happily, and he loves to go to movies, and is not afraid of the loud noise anymore. He is reading above grade level, and he loves math. His speech improved tremendously, and his high-pitched tone is almost gone. He is a very happy and confident 2nd grader. Thank you for helping him reach his potential!” – T’s mom

NACD Newsletter, Volume 4 Issue 6, 2011 ©NACD

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