Learning Disabilities: “Chris”

In April 1990 we were first introduced to Bob Doman’s program through prayer on our son’s behalf and the referral from some friends. Prior to this our son had been evaluated at age three with intelligence testing; screened for allergy sensitivities at age 7; and participated in vision therapy at age 8. All of these measures were somewhat helpful but Chris still was experiencing difficulty learning to read and write. Also, his ability to memorize was hampered.

As a result of Mr. Doman’s evaluation we found that Chris’ memory was operating as would a four year old (digit span of 4 at age 8). Also, although he should have had a dominant right ear (in order to coordinate with his dominant hand, eye and leg), his left ear was dominant. This was probably a result of ear infections he experienced when he was younger. This “mixed dominance” would certainly have affected his ability to process information since data was being deposited in both sides of his brain without a dominant organizer. It also became apparent that Chris’ cross patterning was incomplete.

Bob designed a program of physical activities including cross patterning exercises as well as academic therapy in order to continue his schooling. We taught to his strengths while developing strength in his weaknesses. We saw no results for the first month but continued the daily therapy. After that time however, there was apparent progress. By the end of the first three months Chris’ reading ability had improved by more than a grade level. The progress with the cross patterning as well as the success of switching to the dominant ear was encouraging as well. Chris “graduated” from the program in April 1991 after having completed all the therapy to correct the neurological deficiencies. All his cross patterning is now complete, dominance is consistent and his reading ability has improved by two grade levels. We are very grateful for this progress!

Reprinted by permission of The NACD Foundation, Volume 10 No. 16, 1996 ©NACD

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