NACD International Outreach

This past month one of our staff, Staci Sargent, conducted a teacher training program for 120 teachers in Nigeria. The inservice was to help teachers improve outcomes and to design standards of excellence for students.

This inservice provided Staci with the opportunity to share many of our foundational NACD concepts, such as the application of principles to trigger neuroplasticity and the need to and means with which to develop working memory and executive function.

The response from the organizers in Nigeria was excellent. To quote Popoola Paul, the Principal Consultant for HL Consult Training Solutions, “I want to express our unreserved and profound appreciation and gratitude. Indeed you didn’t just teach, but rather you impacted lives. This I must say will have a multiplier effect on our state and nation at large.”

Our mission is to impact the lives of as many children as we can and to help change the perception of potential and develop the tools to achieve it.

You will be hearing more about the NACD International Academy in coming months and our efforts to assist not only families, but also nations with our international programs.


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