The Importance of TDI Targeted Developmental Intervention™

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NACD provides TDI Targeted Developmental Intervention™ for children and adults, with the goal of accelerating neurological development and function.


Interventions are targeted because they are specific to the individual. At NACD, there is no “one size fits all” approach. There is no formula or program to match a label. The treatment techniques and strategies are incorporated, developed, modified, and replaced based upon their efficacy or lack thereof for the individual.

Intervention activities are also targeted because they provide specific input to produce progressive change in specific areas, such as tactile, auditory and visual function, receptive and expressive language ability, fine and gross motor skills, and cognitive function.


At NACD, lack of function or development is not perceived as a lack of potential. Each individual is evaluated and provided with opportunities (the TDI Targeted Developmental Intervention™) based on a perception of unlimited potential.

Interventions are developmental because they accelerate typical neurological development and education as well as remediate abnormal developmental patterns.  NACD helps individuals of all ages—from newborn to geriatric, along a continuum of neurological function—from comatose to gifted.

The developmental stages are virtually the same for everyone, so it is important to identify where an individual is, first, and then determine what specific neurological input is required to help the individual progress to a higher level of function.


NACD programs are interventions because they involve the application of various treatment exercises and activities. With an average or typical individual, the brain develops typically based upon the typical stimulus surrounding that individual. In order to accelerate function, whether the individual has delayed functions or wants to improve average function, the brain needs appropriate stimulus to change. The specific stimulus needs to be presented with sufficient frequency, intensity, and duration to build new neural pathways—to actually change the brain and accelerate the development process.

NACD’s TDI Targeted Developmental Intervention™ empower parents, giving them the tools to help their children become all that they can be.

Reprinted by permission of The NACD Foundation, Volume 21 No. 5, 2008 ©NACD

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