Healthy Living for Special Needs (Book)

341My friend, Isabel, one of our many great NACD moms, who comes to us all the way from Guatemala, has been doing a fantastic job with her son Eddy. In the process of determining what is best for Eddy, Isabel has turned herself into an expert on nutrition and environmental toxins. She has written a great book explaining the nutritional needs of our children and walking you through the realities of the toxins in our homes that can have such a tremendous impact on all of us. As many of you know, wandering through conflicting health and nutritional information, general ignorance, food traditions, special interests food advertising, and “healthy” foods and products has created a really difficult situation for parents who are really trying to do the right thing.

And as you also know, it’s really hard implementing dietary changes and changing your home environment. If you are not too sure or confident about what you are doing, it makes it almost impossible to really implement change. I think you will find that Isabel’s book provides you with an excellent foundation and gives you the confidence you need to make some life-altering changes, not only for your special needs children, but for all of your children and yourselves as well.

As I speak with our families around the world, I hope I begin hearing more and more stories of diets and homes that have been turned around. And of children and families living healthier and better.



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