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NACD’s Annual Eastern European Event in Transylvania

Bob Doman and some of our US staff, Sara Erling and Lyn Waldeck, have just returned from joining our Eastern European staff, Teodora Pop and Romina Varsandan, for our two week annual event in Transylvania.

This is our 5th year meeting in Transylvania and something our families and staff look forward to each year. This year about 50 families were able to come from all over Eastern Europe and beyond to have their children receive their triannual evaluations and have their NACD programs updated. It was also an opportunity for our families to spend some time together at the beautiful Cheile Gradistei resort and to learn, play, interact, rejuvenate, and create new bonds and friendships. These two weeks are Bob’s favorite time each year; he gets to not only help the families, but is able to take time to enjoy the kids and their families in the relaxing beautiful mountain setting of Transylvania.

These events just underscore the role of the family in NACD. We know that parents are the ultimate experts on their children, those most motivated to help their children, and that the family unit can be the best equipped to implement the full range of developmental and educational interventions for their children, if they have ongoing direction, guidance, and support. We at NACD feel honored and privileged to be able to support our wonderful families and to help them achieve their vision for their children.

Reprinted by permission NACD Newsletter, July 2023 ©NACD


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