Sauna Protocol: For Use with High-Tech Far Infrared Saunas

Here are some beginning protocol recommendations.  Please remember they are only intended as broad guidelines to follow and NOT a prescription or rules set in stone. Without knowing medical history, current and past diet, toxic exposure, genetic patterns, height, weight, etc. –and all this is the beginning—there’s blood work past and present,  other relevant tests, etc. —I’d be remiss in writing a prescription or rules in stone for any child.  However, I can make these beginning protocol recommendations which are only broad guidelines, and encourage the parent to listen to the body of his/her child for any and all information it may give during the process.

Begin the first sauna by setting the temperature to 110 degrees and get in at 98 degrees leaving the door open.  Stay in for only 10 minutes.  Assuming the child feels fine for the next 24 hours follow the same course the next day but close the door.  Again, assuming there’s no adverse reaction after 24 hours, increase the time by adding 2 minutes.  Then, if no reaction after the next 24 hours, increase the temperature by 2 degrees.  The following day, if no reaction, increase time by 2 minutes.  Continue alternating each day a few minutes and a few degrees until the sauna session is 30 minutes at a top temperature of 130 degrees.  ONE ALWAYS GETS IN AT 98 DEGREES.

Also, always adjust the time before adjusting temperature.  If there are any adverse reactions—light headed, nauseous, uncomfortable—he may be detoxifying too quickly and should take the day off, or if in the sauna, come out.  NEVER USE THE SAUNA OVER 130 DEGREES FOR MORE THAN 30 MINUTES.   The warm-up session (beginning at 98 degrees) is part of the 30 minutes.

One should always be drinking AT LEAST half one’s weight in ounces of water EVERY DAY!!  In other words, divide the weight by two and that is the number of ounces a day to be consumed.  Also it is important to pay attention to mineralization, especially calcium, magnesium and potassium.  These are the tri-salts, and we can’t live without them, and they are essential to a healthy detoxification.

These are general rules and conservative but important to follow.  The ideal would be to commit to 90 days.  Many changes should take place in energy, mood, sleep patterns, mental acuity, complexion, behavior…to name a few.  Then one can use the sauna every other day or so for continued balance of health.

I encourage families to double check this information with their primary health-care practitioner or if a client would like more specific help, perhaps they should set up an appointment with me, fill out the questionnaire, get me any relevant medical info, blood work etc. and we can take things further.

Here’s to balanced health and happy living!

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