Goat Milk

This is a website where people can locate raw goat milk in their area: www.realmilk.com. It is illegal except in 13 states to purchase raw goat milk commercially and illegal in many states to ship raw goat milk across state lines. However, many local goat dairy farms will sell you some. In some states, such as Oregon, it is legal to purchase raw goat milk, so many farms are regulated by the FDA. The best in Oregon is Echo Mountain—you can purchase it from them and carry it frozen back home.

When purchasing raw goat milk it is imperative that you check out the farm and their methodology: i.e. are the goats organically fed; how are they milked and how is the milk stored; do they milk when the goats are being de-wormed; do they use any hormones or antibiotics; etc. Also, only use raw goat milk when breast milk is not available, and you know the integrity of the farm. If you are desiring it for health benefits you can get even more benefits from raw goat yogurt. Otherwise you can make nut milks.

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