David the Photographer

by Tanyshia Doman


Meet David. He’s nine years old and lives in New York City. David’s been with NACD for about four years. He’s in fourth grade and is getting good grades in school. One of his new-found talents is taking pictures. We have some of his great photographs here, but there are many more.David likes spending time on the computer and play dates with his friends. At school his favorite things are going to gym, spending time in the library, and recess, of course. At home he likes to read, play with his toys, and draw.

147David really likes living in New York City because there are all sorts of places there that he likes. There are great parks. He loves watching movies and going to the movies. He also enjoys taking pictures.

Where would David love to go? He’d love to go to the International Spy Museum!

We hope that David will keep taking wonderful photographs. The ones we are showing were part of a large number of photos taken for a school project. We know that he’ll continue to be a good student as well as a great big brother. He has a little brother who is on program too, and we are sure that David is a big help with that program.



NACD Newsletter, Volume 3 Issue 5, 2010 ©NACD

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