by Sarah Dils

This is another story from our foreign correspondent, Sarah Dils. We are very proud of Sarah for her contributions to our newsletter.NORWAY
If you are a trekker, a musk oxen lover or a camper, Norway is your place. There are so many ways to visit the lovely and historical places of Norway.

From the snow top mountains to the city of Oslo itself, there are many tourist attractions. Shopping is limited by the expensive prices. But shopping is not the only thing to do. There are gorgeous towns, amazing bakeries, petite coffee shops, and plenty of 10,000-year-old glaziers. You can take walks in all kinds of different scenery, oceans, valleys, troll countries, and lots of waterfalls.

Norway is the ideal place for fishing and boating and of course island visiting.  Norway has such a wide selection of scenery and regular town life. Animals are also big here. You can go and enjoy musk oxen safaris, stay at sheep farms, and try to go see puffins. You can take hikes through farms and fields. And just be a part of scenery its self.

So if you don’t mind Vikings and trolls, Norway is your place. You even might find yourself in a fairy tale!


NACD Newsletter, Volume 3 Issue 4, 2010 ©NACD


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