Great Holiday, Christmas, Birthday Gift Ideas for Children

NACD Gift Ideas

Great Gift Ideas for Holidays, Birthdays & Special Occasions

We have received thousands of requests from parents to help them find toys, materials, equipment and products that can help them help their children. Parents are often lost when trying to figure out what would be fun and helpful and actually get used by their children. None of us are thrilled when we spend good money for a gift only to discover that after five minutes it gets discarded and vanquished to some closet.

NACD has been working with children and adults of all ages and all levels of ability and disability for over 35 years. We help guide families in all aspects of their child’s development and education. We are here to help. We have created this dynamic list of toys and products that are targeted to each specific developmental group. Every product has been researched and reviewed by one of our professional staff members. As parents, if we are going to spend a buck on our kids, lets try to get the most bang for our buck as we can.

NACD receives a small commission if you use our Amazon referral link to buy our recommended products. All of the proceeds will go to help scholarship kids at NACD. NACD also receives a small commission for everything else you buy that is in your cart when you buy our recommended product.

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