NACD Gift Ideas for Healthy Living

NACD's Top Gift Ideas for Healthy Family Living

At NACD, we work with children that have every imaginable developmental issue in addition to typical and gifted children. Our families deal with a broad range health and related developmental issues. Each year it has become more and more evident that our environment as well as what we consume is incredibly important. Toxins that we all live with are being seen as the underlying cause of many of our health and developmental issues. Eating the proper foods, getting the necessary nutrients and avoiding toxic chemicals is becoming not just important, but vital for most of us.

Our professional staff has reviewed and put together a list of products that are worth your consideration. One of the things we have learned at NACD is that there is close relationship between our physiology and our neurology, meaning what affects our health affects how our brain works. And, the less efficiently our brains work, as with those with developmental problems the more significant becomes our health and nutrition.

NACD receives a small commission if you use our Amazon referral link to buy our recommended products. The funds collected will go directly into a scholarship fund for our NACD families. NACD also receives a small commission for everything else you buy that is in your cart when you buy our recommended products. If you are going to purchase items based on our suggestions please use our referral link to help our incredible dedicated families.

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12 Great Healthy Living Gift Ideas for Holidays, Birthdays & Special Occasions


Melatonin is a natural hormone that your body produces that helps you maintain your walk/sleep cycle. Many things can negatively impact a child’s sleep cycle including light. It is advisable to consult your physician before starting Melatonin and for dosage recommendations.—Bob

Melatonin Time Release 3 mg.

Melatonin Liquid

Easy to administer and easy to adjust dosage.

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Merax Whole Body Vibrating Platform Exercise Fitness Machine

We have found that vibrating platforms can be helpful for building strength and tone or reducing /breaking up high tone. Helps with balance, tactility, proprioception and circulation.—Bob

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Puracy Natural All Purpose Cleaner

The Best Household Multi Surface Spray, Streak Free on Glass and Stainless Steel, Child and Pet Safe

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Ozone Cleaning

I love cleaning with ozone because it destroys bacteria, viruses and funguses without any chemicals. These machines can also be used to freshen air by actually cleaning the air, not covering it up with odors. Use it in rooms, closets and cars—especially cars! Ozone water can also remove stains from fabrics and clothes because the stain attaches to the ozone molecule and it releases from the fabric. Even old stains. —Laird

Ozone Generator machine Food Water Air Sterilizer Vegetable Fruit Fresher Ozonator

Robolife Air Purifier Ozone Disinfector Fruits Vegetables Sterilization US Plug

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Dr. Julian Neil, a highly respected health professional, once told me that there are 2 items every household seeking to improve health should have. At the top of his list was a Vitamix. Shortly thereafter I purchased my own and have been so very thankful for those words of wisdom. Here are a few models to choose from. —Lyn
[amazon_link asins=’B01688AFFC,B0758JHZM3,B008H4SLV6,B00LBFUKIA,0062407201,1537760637′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’nacd0d-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’010db34f-d495-11e7-92f9-01ab7d460f0d’]
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Premium MCT Oil

If you are looking for a great way to increase the benefits of healthy fats, MCT oil can be a good addition. I use it in my coffee each morning and can tell that it has made a difference in energy levels and softer skin. See the link for additional benefits. —Lyn

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Infrared Sauna

Of all of the different healthy living products I have ever used, this on is the real gem! Today’s world is so full of toxicity and what better way to decrease the effect that they can have on your health than to pull them out through the skin rather than crucial organs that do not regenerate as easily. Here is a great price on one made with non-toxic components. —Lyn

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Just turning on the tap makes me nervous when I think about the “allowed” contaminants. Here is Amazon’s Choice for a top selling Under-the-couter Reverse Osmosis System. —Lyn

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Countertop Water Distiller

This water distiller is housed in a stainless steel unit and dispensed into a glass container so that the water never touches plastic. Many health benefits are believed to be achieved by periods of time consuming distilled water. This is the distiller I use myself and it is backed up by a good number of positive reviews:

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