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by Robert J. Doman Jr.

There is no more important job any of us ever have than raising a child, but there are very few jobs any of us ever have where we are given less training.

Our goal at NACD is to help individuals achieve their innate potential. Our vehicle is the family. In the vast majority of cases, we work toward this goal by educating parents and assisting them in implementing or overseeing the implementation of the programs that we design for their children.

From new perspectives of potential, to managing the child’s behavior, providing the right climate and motivation for program, to prioritizing and tweaking the implementation of program activities, the process is an ongoing educational process—a process of educating parents, educating you.

All of us at NACD work very hard to encourage ongoing communication, implementation video reviews, emails, calls, and Skype meetings, all beyond our regular triannual evaluations. In addition to all of these opportunities we provide for the education of our families, we have produced hundreds of educational videos and articles to help in the ongoing effort to educate our NACD parents and families. Our goal is to help you understand your children, to help you better communicate with your children, better motivate your children, better manage your children, and better understand and implement their programs and produce better outcomes.

We have worked with tens of thousands of families from all over the world over the course of our forty years and have quite possibly never given two children exactly the same program. Every child is different, every family is different, and when you work with “whole” children, everything from the choice of activities to the implementation of those activities needs to uniquely fit.

With every program activity, there is a video modeling program implementation or a written explanation. As you know, a couple of weeks after you start a new program we ask that you post videos on our Portal showing us how you are implementing all of the activities and also showing us how your child is responding or reacting. Based on that data we can give you feedback, make modifications, and help train you to work with your child. There isn’t ever just one way that is the right way. The best way is the way that is going to work with and for your child today. When that way is no longer the best way, we need to look at it, modify it, and come up with a new best way.

After working with all of these children over all of these years we have some pretty good insights; and if you let us, we can help really educate and train you and help you achieve better outcomes.

We are launching this new newsletter to help in your educational process. Each month we will try to provide a new article, while reviewing previous videos and articles that we feel would be helpful. Please understand that the more you learn about the NACD neurodevelopmental approach, and the more you understand how the brain works and make makes your children tick, the better the foundation you will be working from. Please search our website and start reading the articles and watching the videos. I would also encourage you to read my blogs and follow NACD on Facebook. And please communicate with your coach and your evaluator as much as possible.

We are here to help train you so that you can do your best at the most important job you will ever have! No one can do what you parents can do. You are the real experts on your children and you are the most highly motivated people to help your children. With your knowledge and love of your children and our extensive experience and tools, together we can do great things and build futures.

All of us at NACD are dedicated to helping you succeed.

NACD Newsletter, December 2017 ©NACD

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