NACD Gift Ideas for Motor Development

NACD's Top Gift Ideas for Child Motor Development

At NACD, we work with children that have every imaginable developmental issue in addition to typical and gifted children. In the process we have explored, researched and utilized many thousands of toys and products that we have found to be fun, educational, engaging and helpful. At the request of families from throughout the world, we have put together a list of items that would make great gifts. Each item has been researched and reviewed by our professional staff. All items on the list below can be found either at our NACD Store or on Amazon.

Developing large/gross motor skills (walking, running, jumping, sports) and small/fine motor skills (self-feeding, dressing, writing, drawing, playing an instrument), is important for a child’s overall development and wellbeing. Most everything we do is in some way dependent on our gross and fine motor skills. Developing early motor skills opens the door for almost everything we would want our children to do. Whether our child is a baby, a preschooler, of school age or older, motor development is tremendously important. We can help our children with the development of their motor skills by providing them with appropriate toys, games, activities, equipment and opportunities and make it fun.

NACD receives a small commission if you use our Amazon referral link to buy our recommended products. The funds collected will go directly into a scholarship fund for our NACD families. NACD also receives a small commission for everything else you buy that is in your cart when you buy our recommended products. If you are going to purchase items based on our suggestions please use our referral link to help our incredible dedicated families.

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16 Great Motor Development Gift Ideas for Holidays, Birthdays & Special Occasions

3 Wheel Recumbent Bikes

These bikes come in various size ranges. Match your child’s height to the right bike. Bikes are adjustable so you can accurately adjust the bike to properly fit your child or adult. These bikes are low to the ground, safe and provide many benefits including: improve strength and endurance, develop good leg muscle balance and development, help correct leg muscle imbalance issues, provide a fun activity that helps keep children engaged and present. —Bob

[amazon_link asins=’B00TKVONPS,B00UM2A0EM,B06Y4KYKQR,B00OMT1CO8,B016OPJPDW,B01DU43THS,B001J0FWWQ,B003VGFN7K,B016OPJS70′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’nacd0d-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’97f31c9c-d49f-11e7-b92d-b91b30a214aa’]

Weehoo Kids Turbo Bicycle Trailer

This is great for our kids that need the pedal motion of a recumbent but can’t ride a bike independently. It hooks on to an adult bike. One of our clients uses it and loves it! —Sara

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COMINGFIT Indoor/Outdoor Rope Climbing Ladder for Kids

Climbing is a great exercise for children, building strength, developing good muscle balance, proprioception, vestibular function/balance, FUN and more. One of my preferred sport activities for children is indoor climbing wall. The rope ladder can build a good foundation for climbing walls.—Bob

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Climbing Cargo Rope Net Ladder for Kids – Outdoor and Indoor

Climbing is a great exercise for children, building strength, developing good muscle balance, proprioception, vestibular function/balance, FUN and more. The cargo net and build a good foundation for climbing walls.—Bob

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Basketball is such a great sport to build endurance, strength and coordination. If you are playing indoors in a gym, I suggest the Wilson evolution. It’s soft, durable and high quality. —Laird

Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball

Spalding NBA Neverflat Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

For playing outdoors, I suggest the neverflat because it holds air a lot longer, so you don’t have to be constantly pumping it up. —Laird

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Indoor Basketball Hoop and Backboard

This is perfect for those long winter days when we want the kids active and improving their coordination skills. —Ellen

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Play Tunnel, Tent and Ball Pit

This setup encourages creeping and exploring but also includes a little hoop for ball throwing/aiming. The good news is that it folds up for storage.

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LeapFrog Learn & Groove Music Table

Boy did my kids get a lot of use out of this table! Before your baby is walking, he/she can play with the cause and effect toys on the board without the legs. Once your baby is pulling to a stand he/she can stand and continue to enjoy all the play on the board. This helps to strengthen their legs and ability to stand with minimal assistance. —Sara

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Fisher-Price Bright Spin & Crawl Tumble Beats Ball

This is a great toy to have your beginning crawler or creeper move toward. It has fun sounds and music and cause and effect buttons as your baby creeps to get to it.

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Perfect Pull-Up Bar

Used for, hang from bar. Encourages upper body strength specifically in the hands and arms. For children that are too heavy to hold on a dowel, a perfect pull up bar is great. It will affix to any normal sized doorway. Check the specifications to ensure you get one that will work for your door frame. —Staci

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Confidence Fitness Vibration Platform

This has seen to be helpful in helping to develop tone, motor development and balance through vibrating deep tactile input. Several of our families have reported good results when using these and the results are definitely getting NACD Evaluators attention. —Lyn

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