Where Did the Time Go?

by Bob Doman

For many of you school has started and you have discovered that there are not enough minutes let alone hours in the day.

As you try to fit more and more into your day there are two primary things you need to do to maximize your time and produce successful outcomes. You need to prioritize and schedule.

Look at everything you need to do, should do and want to do and prioritize those things. Then look at how much time each takes and determine if each of those things warrant the time dedicated to them. As an example, we have families driving for 30 minutes to an hour each way for some form of “therapy” or “treatment” or “lesson” or “whatever” that when viewed in perspective absolutely doesn’t warrant the time investment. On the other side of the coin, evaluate how important something like processing is to your child and realize how many of those one or two minute high-priority sessions are missed because of these other time investments. Look at the time required and prioritize.

Once you have established your priorities, sit down and put together your daily schedule. Prioritize and enter the things at the top of your list first, then work your way down. If you can’t fit in the lower priority items, it probably is not a great loss.


Reprinted by permission NACD Newsletter, September 2019 ©NACD

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