Free Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Sara Erling

The following websites are offering free products or subscriptions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. These are only a FEW of the hundreds of websites. If you are interested in receiving more, please contact your coach. NACD recommends taking advantage of what is available to help you have fun learning with your kids!


We are offering are two most popular audio seminars for FREE as a download from our NACD Store:

NACD Guide to Child Development & Education: Miracles of Child Development

Guide to Child Development and Education – Miracles of Child Development

NACD Guide to the Parent Teacher

Guide to the Parent Teacher – DOWNLOAD

Advanced Brain Technologies

As a way to give back, Advanced Brain Technologies is waiving the $99 cost of its introductory The Listening Program Shift60 program through April 30. TLP Shift60 is a two-month protocol of music listening therapy to guide listeners closer to feeling centered, calm, focused, and overall connected.



Additional Resources

Kiwico.com is a great website for science experiments sent to your home with a monthly membership. They are currently offering some free resources for kids at home.



Audible has released free subscriptions for audiobooks.



Amazon Prime members can download any book for free:



Time4kids is a magazine subscription designed for young readers of current events happening around the world. Free digital library for the rest of the school year at:


National Geographic Kids has resources for parents and families, everything from boredom busters to learning resources.
Visit NatGeoKids.com for access to all their content, for free.


www.bedtimemath.org is a fun website of math games and experiments.


www.esparklearning.com consists of a variety of activities for math and reading – offering free subscription through the end of the school year.



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This site offers great pictures and factual information on a variety of topics. Great for fun little unit studies on science and social studies topics.


ixl.com is offering free subscription through the end of the year. It is output based, good for practicing skills a child may already know.


readinga-z.com is a website we recommend frequently for reading material. They are offering free subscription through the end of the school year.

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