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News from NACD Romania: A Message for Us All

by Bob Doman

At the end of September in Brasov, Romania, one of our parents, Endre Csato, organized the second of his annual conferences, Galeria Terapiilor. The conference was for Romanian families who have children with disabilities and professionals involved in providing services to these children. I was honored to present the keynote speech via Skype last year. This year one of our great NACD mothers, Raluca Manea, spoke to the group.

A number of our families and some NACD supporters from around the country came to the conference to help educate fellow parents and professionals about the potential of their children and to offer hope.

I have been very heartened by our Romanian families. These folks work diligently to help their own children by doing a great job implementing their programs. They also do very well in communicating with us on a regular basis, even though creating an email in English can be a rather daunting task for many of them. But perhaps what is most meaningful for me is that even though most of these families have children with very significant issues and heavy programs, they deeply care about all of the children who are not being helped. It is quite obvious from what they all do that they feel an obligation and responsibility to spread the hope that is NACD to other families throughout the country.

I wish to personally thank parents Endre Csato, Raluca Manea, Angela and Paul Hlatca, Raluca Busuioc, Florina and Georghe Bolchis and our great advocates and supporters, Teodora Pop and Justinian Milosav. You folks are the best!

I’m honored to be able to know each and every one of you and to have the privilege of helping you help your children.

Let’s continue to work together to provide a better future for your children and to also give hope and tools to many more families.

NACD Newsletter, October 2018 ©NACD

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