NACD’s critically acclaimed app for treating apraxia has been re-released

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The National Association for Child Development announces the re-release of their popular NACD Home Speech Therapist’s Speech Therapy for Apraxia app, which has been a top medical app across the globe. The app is available on the Apple store.

Ogden, Utah
July 30, 2022

The National Association for Child Development, an innovator in all aspects of child development since 1979, announced today the re-release of their very effective and successful app that addresses Childhood Apraxia of Speech/dyspraxia, as well as apraxia of speech in adults.

This very successful and fun tool has been used by parents, individuals, and speech therapists alike. With the Speech Therapy for Apraxia app, targeted speech therapy can now be accomplished on a daily basis right at home. Frequent application fulfills one of the basic requirements needed to trigger neuroplasticity and produce real change.
In keeping with NACD’s mission to provide affordable services and tools to families around the world, this comprehensive app is being made available for only $9.99

Speech Therapy for Apraxia app reflects NACD’s decades of international work with tens of thousands of children and their quest to find, develop, and utilize better and better tools to assist families in helping their children develop to their full potential.

Speech Therapy for Apraxia is one of a series of speech apraxia apps being re-introduced by the National Association for Child Development. These apps are developed by NACD’s team, including a certified speech-language pathologist.

“It was important to us to develop an app that parents can use at home for speech practice with their children, but that is also an effective tool for therapists. The emphasis of the app is the child’s production. The parent or therapist should be an active participant in order to provide the user with feedback, reinforcement, and additional modeling.” Lori Riggs, Speech-Language Pathologist at NACD.

This comprehensive app permits targeted application and includes the following features:

  • The user can choose from 8 different consonant groups- a total of 19 consonant sounds.
  • Customization permits the user to practice at a chosen level within each group.
  • Detailed instructions describe how to choose appropriate groups and levels.
  • Moves through a progression of 8 levels for speech motor planning.
  • There are illustrations and audio provided for each syllable.
  • Includes options that permit the user to repeat levels, reset, or move to the next level.
  • Can be used as a straight articulation drill for specific phonemes.
  • Simple enough for a parent or adult user to progress through by themselves, but comprehensive enough for a therapist to incorporate into their targeted program.

The app is not intended for independent use by children.

“For decades we at NACD have had the goal to educate and assist both parents and professionals in order to develop and modify present therapeutic interventions. Successful application of neuroplasticity requires targeted high frequency, preferably daily intervention, to achieve desired outcomes. Part of our mission has been to develop systems and tools to assist in accomplishing this goal.” Bob Doman, Founder and Director of NACD.

About NACD

The National Association for Child Development is a unique organization with a distinctive family centered approach to child development. Founded in 1979 by Bob Doman, NACD has worked internationally to help tens of thousands of families remediate developmental issues and enhance the development and global function of their children. NACD has developed an approach to human development, the achievement of human potential, and the remediation of developmental, educational, and neurological problems that is based on the gestalt of the whole individual and an understanding of neuroplasticity. The efficacy of NACD’s Targeted Developmental Intervention has been demonstrated with the full range of individuals, from comatose to gifted.

NACD designs comprehensive targeted interventions that are implemented by family and caregivers within the home on a daily basis, supported and overseen by NACD’s staff of professionals and coaches. NACD has chapters around the United States and internationally.

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