NACD Neuroeducational Model Program

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Research Study by Dr. Randall (Randy) Esters, Ed.S.

At a K-12 school in Rural Louisiana, the principal and staff, in collaboration with the National Association for Child Development designed a model intended to increase the cognitive processing of identified at-risk students. A second, less intense part of the program targeted the general population of students. The Fairview Neuroeducational model (FNM) was funded through a grant from the Rapides Foundation and resource donations from the national academy for Child Development. The results at the end of the school year showed significant improvements with both groups. The benefits to the general population of students were measured by increased scores on state mandated tests. With the at-risks students, substantial progress was reflected within the scores of standardized testing for reading recognition, reading comprehension and math computation. Within an eight month time period, tests scores increased at a level of approximate 2.9 years in reading recognition, 3.0 years in reading comprehension and 1.67 years in math computation.

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Reprinted by permission of The NACD Foundation, Volume 15 No. 2, 2002 ©NACD

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