Let’s Do It Better The NACD Daily Planners and New Coaching Guidelines


As I would hope you all know, we are always trying to find ways to do everything we do better, and that includes finding ways to help you do what you do better. We are instituting some changes that should help us all do a better job of implementing program and producing the results and changes that we all want to see.

Our job is to help you achieve your goals and to educate and support you in the process.  We believe that between our extensive experience, knowledge, and commitment and your need and desire to assist yourself or your loved ones to have the greatest life possible, we can achieve great things.

One of my greatest frustrations is that I don’t know how to have you look at your potential, or that of your children, through my eyes.  As it has been said, “I’ve been there and done that.” Well, after 40 plus years of seeing kids and working with and through tens of thousands of parents, I often have a pretty good idea of what can be, but not such a great insight as to what will be.  My job and the job of NACD is to educate and empower you so that you can be all that you can be and so that you can help your children be all that they can be.  All of us are to degrees frustrated with some tough realities, and the present economic situation doesn’t help at all. Not the best of times, but this is the time; and we need to maximize our time and resources and renew our efforts to succeed.  Tough times may require some tough decisions and perhaps thinking outside of the box; but there are usually solutions that will permit you to maintain and achieve your goals. We have worked to create a plan that will help you see what we see and help you maximize your efforts.  As a parent implementing a program, you need to start seeing yourself as the person responsible for helping your child. You may not necessarily be the person doing everything, but you are the general running the show, organizing, evaluating resources and efforts, directing, building and motivating the army, even if you’re an army of one. Our job is to help you do that.

We have created our new NACD Daily Planners to help you be as organized as you possibly can be.  We also want to help you assess the effectiveness and value of everything you are doing and see to it that the plan moving forward is going to achieve your goals.  There are actually many alternatives, and with the help of your NACD Daily Planners, our coaches and evaluators can help you use our experience to help you make your day and your child’s day as productive as possible.  The Planners are going to assist you, your coach, and your evaluator. Together we can make it all happen.

NACD Daily Planners

Below you will find your guidelines for accessing and creating your NACD Daily Planners.  You should find a Planner (or Planners) to fit your needs. For your convenience, there are three different Planners from which to choose:

  1. NACD Daily Planner for Parents/Adults—This planner is ideal for a parent who is the sole person implementing an NACD program with a child. It is also appropriate for an adult on program, wanting to schedule their program into their day, or any adult wanting to be more productive by organizing and structuring their day.
  2. NACD Daily Planner for Program Implementation—This planner is appropriate when other people are assisting the parents in completing the program, such as school personnel or caregivers at home.
  3. NACD Child’s Personal Planner—This planner is for a child who has independent activities on their NACD program and therefore needs a planner that is separate from the parent’s.

You may just choose to use one planner, or you may find it helpful to take advantage of all three.  We ask that you create your weekly plan and contact your coach if you have any questions or need assistance.  If you are unable to fit in your entire program, please let us help you.  Where there is a will, there is a way.


New Coaching Guidelines

  • Coaches will no longer be initiating calls every two weeks. 
  • You will begin receiving daily e-mails from your coach indicating when they will be available on that day to receive calls.
  • If you call and your coach is busy with another family, please call back during their allotted times or leave a message and your coach will return your call.
  • We are going to depend on you to contact your coach via e-mail or phone if you have questions or problems or need any assistance.
  • Your coach will be able to access your NACD Daily Planners and can assist you with these.
  • The coaches cannot create your Planners. Please do your best to organize your Planners yourself before asking for assistance.
  • We welcome your e-mails and calls. Please contact us as often as you need.


How do we transition?

We are initiating the coaching changes and Planners starting immediately.  It is obviously going to take some time to get everyone up and running with their Planners, and our coaches are going to have their hands full during this transition; so please be patient.  We are bound to run into some glitches and, of course, we are instituting all of this during the Holiday season just to make it interesting.  But in truth the Holiday season is always interesting and challenging; so why not now?  Our hope is that by the New Year, we are all organized, Planners operating, and all systems are “go.”

Happy New Year,


Reprinted by permission of The NACD Foundation, Volume 24 No. 6, 2011 ©NACD

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