NACD Puts on Walking Shoes

NACD participated in the Walk Now for Autism sponsored by Autism Speaks

It was beautiful, clear Saturday morning, May 3rd in Murray, Utah – the perfect sort of day for a fundraising and awareness-raising event sponsored by Autism Speaks.  NACD was one of 25 local groups participating in the Resource Fair.

We passed out flyers about our approach to children on the Autism Specturm, talked to parents and grandparents, gave balloons to the kids.   The turnout was huge with over 4,000 in attendance. 

A BIG THANK YOU for the NACD families who came out and participated in the walk and made NACD’s presence known and felt.

NACD Newsletter, Volume 1 Issue 4, 2008 ©NACD





Autism Spectrum – Exploring What Works – DVD

autism_dvd_cover_grandeAt NACD, our job is to help children on the Autism Spectrum achieve their innate potential.  Our goal is to eliminate the symptoms of autism.
The DVD explains the pieces of the puzzle and how to address the issues relative to those on the Autism Spectrum.  It contains a two-hour DVD seminar presented by Robert J Doman, Jr.

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