Grant DeLuca

85It is such a pleasure when, as staff, we get to watch kids really take off with their NACD programs. One of our superstars who deserves recognition this month is Grant DeLuca. It was only nine months ago that this five year old came in for his first NACD evaluation. At that time Grant could only speak a small number of single words. He recognized the numbers 1 through 5 and could only attend to activities requiring central vision, such as TV, for 2-3 minutes at a time. His auditory processing allowed for about 2 pieces of information at a time.  Today Grant can process 3-4 pieces and is speaking in phrases, sometimes stringing them together. He can read over 250 word cards and successfully adds 15-20 new ones each week. His macular vision (attention to vision in the central field, where all learning occurs) is now good enough to attend to TV or books for 20 minutes or more.

You can imagine the tears of joy in his mother’s eyes this last August when, after working hard through the summer, he came up to her after breakfast and said “Hi Mama. I love you.”   Melody states, “It’s moments like this and moments like the one in your office when he stopped doing work to hug me and tell me he loved me that keep me going!”

After seeing Grant return from his summer break making such great progress, the school now cooperates with Mom to keep him home in the morning for his NACD program and bring him to school later to have fun with the class, considering the adjusted schedule excused absences.

We’re proud of you, Grant! And keep up the great work you’re doing, Mom and Dad!

NACD Newsletter, Volume 2 Issue 2, 2009 ©NACD

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