NACD Homeschool Seminar

Another Educational Option

by Bob Doman

NACD Homeschool SeminarI wish I could say how great it is to be back to normal, how happy we all are to be done with Covid-19; but we’re not. Fortunately, here in Utah things are back pretty close to normal, but that certainly isn’t true in a lot of the world.

As you are evaluating life as it is today, I suggest you take a few moments to consider some options that you may not have considered before. Many of you have been forced to work from home, and quite a few folks and businesses have learned that working from home can be a good thing. Many have discovered over the course of the last year and a half that school and education isn’t all you might have thought it was cracked up to be. Many parents here in the U.S. have had their eyes opened a bit. One rather shocking bit of news was discovering that our “wonderful” U.S. educational system was ranked about 26th internationally.

Many families are now actively exploring alternatives to the traditional public school. Charter schools and private schools are looking more attractive, as is homeschool. As you explore options, I would suggest that you explore one other option that requires significantly less time per day, is very affordable, and which should produce superior results.

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