Why You Need to Talk to Us a Lot More

by Ellen Doman

Did you ever walk out of an evaluation and on the way home think of something you forgot to ask about in the evaluation? Did you ever think about the evaluation conversation the next day and think that you really didn’t get something the evaluator said? How about when you get a program activity that seems way above or below where you thought your child was? Has that ever happened? How about waking up in the middle of the night consumed with worry about your child and having no one to talk to about it, has that happened?

You have a coach for a reason. Good programs and good outcomes require a lot of communication with you and with us. Everything I mentioned in the first paragraph happens all of the time. You forget to bring things up. We’ve said something that you didn’t quite get. You are looking at a program activity that looks way too hard for your child to do or there are so many frequencies of an activity that you can’t even imagine how you could possibly do it. So, contact your coach. Your coach has answers and can get answers quickly and can give you that extra time you need to really sort something out and get it resolved.

One thing we tell you over and over is that the brain can change with the right input. Your child can change when you do program well and sometimes those changes happen way before four months are up. Not only is your coach available to celebrate accomplishments, but she is also there to pass the news on to your evaluator so that your program gets updated and you can move right along to new things. Programs are meant to be efficient and communication helps keep them that way. The reverse situation is true as well as it relates to program efficiency. If you cannot get your child to do an activity or you can’t access some equipment you need then the sooner your evaluator has that information the better. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Program is a big deal in your life but there is a lot more going on than just programs. Families often have issues going on with their parents’ being ill, issues with jobs and helpers, relocations, weddings and all kinds of very major things to deal with as well as holidays and vacations. All of these things really do disrupt program and take time away from those activities. Wouldn’t it be wise to let your evaluator know so that the program could be adjusted for as long as it needs to be adjusted? Your coach can help make that happen.

A big thing that a coach can do is give you encouragement and listen to and understand your fears and worries. It is not easy having a child who is having difficulties of any kind. There often seem to be endless things to worry about and keep you up at night. We totally understand that. The important thing for you to know is that you aren’t alone in this. We are here to be of genuine help to you and sometimes that means just listening to what worries you the most and making sure that we are working on it with you. We are ready to support you on this journey.

If you are just using NACD to get evaluations and programs, you are missing out on a lot. We could be helping you find resources, get program done more efficiently and more happily. We can help with behavior issues, teacher issues, even grandparent issues. Don’t let all of our resources go to waste. Join the many parents who are great communicators and let us hear from you on a regular basis. We make a great team.


Reprinted by permission NACD Newsletter, November 2019 ©NACD

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