Have You Hugged A Coach Today?

by Lori Riggs MA, CCC/SLP Director, Center for Speech and Sound


If you are an NACD family already, you know that NACD is a very dynamic organization. Nothing is status quo-we’re always looking for and thinking of ideas to make what we do better. One of the best “better” things we have done, in my opinion, is to add the coaches to our staff in 2010. While you typically don’t see their names front-and-center in our newsletter, they are daily hard at work behind the scenes, offering our families as much program support as they can give.

One thing that makes our coaches uniquely designed to help you is that they have (or have had) children on program themselves. They know what it means to have to prioritize, to fit program into real life, and to persevere with the daily routine. Because of their own experiences, they truly can and want to help you, support you, and answer your questions.

If you are not currently taking advantage of the support your coach has to offer, I encourage you to do so right away. You already have someone in your court who is willing to provide as much hand-holding or problem-solving as you need. They are there for you-so stay in touch with them! And please keep in mind that our coaches have very busy schedules, with lots and lots of calls and e-mail every day. So please be considerate of their time and let them know if you will not be available for your scheduled call from them.


We are very proud of the work that our coaches are doing and want to give a big THANK YOU to each of them!

  • Glenda Girazian
  • Sara Erling
  • BJ Owen-Tubbs
  • Jennifer Virgin
  • Marta Palmes
  • Sunette Payne

NACD Newsletter, Volume 4 Issue 4, 2011 ©NACD

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