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Coco the Wonder Boy – Raising the Bar

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Introduction by Bob Doman First the Vision, Then the Plan, and Then the Implementation Most real successes begin with a vision, a vision that defines what we want to achieve. One would hope that we are all directed by and driven by a vision of what can be for us as individuals, for our children, and even for our communities, … Read More

NACD Instilling Independence

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Home Education: Opening the Doors to Brilliant Futures and Fulfillment of Dreams An Introduction to Aidia Brennan by Bob Doman Perhaps the only thing that feels better for us at NACD than having parents who really get it is seeing the results of them having gotten it. It’s an incredible honor and privilege to be in a position to help … Read More

Multiple Businesses Based on Opportunities & What He Likes to Do

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by Ellen Doman Adam is the proud owner and co-owner of two quite different businesses. AD Digital, which opened in 2011, is a business that provides multiple services including changing photos to DVD’s, VHS tapes to DVD’s, cassette tapes to DVD’s and now even reel-to-reel to DVD’s. Adam started this business when he still lived in the house with his … Read More

Don’t Put a Label on Me. My Name is Noah.

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Intro by Lyn Waldeck This month’s brag is dedicated to a family that I am so very proud of. When first coming to NACD, this young lad had quite a few challenges and because of those challenges, the family was having a pretty rough time. Putting the pieces together for Noah took a lot of work and dedication from his … Read More

Ilaria Smith: Making Us All Proud

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We love hearing from our past and present families. It’s always tough for us when we graduate a child, seeing them move on, full of expectation and hope, and hopefully armed with a solid foundation. We always appreciate hearing from the families and learning how they fared. We just received this note from Charles Smith and Marilyng Perez Montero regarding … Read More

What Were Your Kids Doing Last Saturday?

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by Bob Doman Meet Leia Pope, daughter of Senghor and Claribel Pope and sister to Elaina and Camila. This past Saturday eleven-year-old Leia, one of our NACD homeschool kids from Georgia, probably did something none of your kids did—she flew. While most of her peers around the country had their noses stuck in their phones and iPads, playing video games, … Read More

Breaking Down Stereotypes: Gabriel is a Winner!

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It has been a few years since I have seen Gabriel although he has been a part of NACD since he was a little guy. His mom and I reminisced about how I kept pushing him and them out of their comfort zones to ensure that Gabriel progressed. He has always been a charming and pleasant boy, chatty and sociable. … Read More

Danielle, Super Reader

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by Sunette Payne One of the aspects that I love about working with NACD is meeting and working with so many amazing families. Being a “program-doing-mom” in this role, has also added many other unexpected benefits, some of which would be, being inspired by, challenged by and motivated by our wonderful parents and their children. We really do have the … Read More

Jake by Rachel Schappy

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Jake is the youngest of three children. He was first flagged as struggling academically in kindergarten and then again in grade one. Jake struggled with saying the alphabet, sounding out the alphabet, math, staying focused, sitting still and making/keeping friends. At home, he was busy physically with sports, but could not get along with siblings, couldn’t take a joke, had … Read More

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