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A Sense of Community: Impacting Children in Davenport

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by Sara Erling As many of you know, NACD is all about family. We encourage and empower parents to work with their children. We encourage and empower siblings to help siblings. We also encourage families working together to change mindsets about what truly is possible with our children, regardless of labels they may have received. I am so thankful to … Read More

News from NACD Romania: A Message for Us All

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by Bob Doman At the end of September in Brasov, Romania, one of our parents, Endre Csato, organized the second of his annual conferences, Galeria Terapiilor. The conference was for Romanian families who have children with disabilities and professionals involved in providing services to these children. I was honored to present the keynote speech via Skype last year. This year … Read More

Creating a Declaration for Independence

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A Special Note to Parents of Children in All Nations by Bob Doman Here in the United States we celebrate the 4th of July 1776 as our Independence Day. When that independence was actually achieved is a subject of debate between historians. On July 4, 1776 we adopted a resolution declaring our independence from Great Britain and the king—a resolution … Read More

Paying it Forward: Donation Helping More Families Join NACD

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While funds last, NACD initial membership is reduced from $950 to $450 I’m happy to report that in response to my father’s article, “What It’s All About, Entering 2018”, we received a donation to the NACD Foundation from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. The donation was earmarked specifically to subsidize the initial NACD membership, making it easier for … Read More

NACD and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy)—Very Different Approaches

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We are sometimes asked how NACD differs from the ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis therapy approach to individuals with Autism. In simplistic terms, the two approaches have profound philosophical differences that impact on the specific practices as well as the understanding of what needs to be changed. NACD approaches any individual as a whole person. We seek to understand all … Read More

Short-Term Memory, Working Memory, Long-Term Memory and Norfolk Pines

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by Bob Doman I just returned from an outstanding trip to Sydney, Australia. I worked with some great folks and evaluated many kids whose potential I can’t wait to help unlock. I also met with some great open-minded folks at the University of Sydney to discuss a research project with our Simply Smarter System and creating NACD courses for their … Read More

Tornadoes: Thoughts on the Brain and Child-Centered Learning

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by Bob Doman Understanding the brain and how it works has been the subject of a tremendous amount of study and research. Exploring such research in college really engaged and intrigued me, particularly when I realized that the knowledge that had been gained in neuroscience was not being acknowledged, reflected, or utilized by the educational community. Regrettably, this really hasn’t … Read More

Comparison Study Measuring Working Memory as Measured by Auditory Reverse Digit Spans and Classic Mode of the Simply Smarter-Memory App

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by Robert J. Doman, Jr. and W. Bruce Haslam, Ph.D. Working memory is generally defined as the ability to remember and use several pieces of information to make decisions or solve problems. Even listening to a sentence requires remembering several words until the meaning of the sentence is determined. Forward Auditory Digit Span refers to how many numbers can be … Read More

All I Want for Christmas is an iPad (or Making the Most of the iPad You Already Have)

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by Ellen Doman   With Christmas right around the corner, we are all trying to figure how to get gifts that are really worth getting for our children. When it comes to larger ticket items, it is hard to beat an iPad for usefulness and continued relevance. This is not a gadget that will get put away, but rather a … Read More

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