NACD Home Speech Therapist’s “Speech Therapy for Apraxia—Ending Sounds”

The Speech Therapy for Apraxia—Ending Sounds app is a great tool for:

  • Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech/dyspraxia
  • Adults with apraxia
  • Use by anyone working with individuals with apraxia, either therapists or parents
  • Can also be used for traditional articulation practice for production of final consonants

Developed by the National Association for Child Development team, including a certified speech-language pathologist, the Endings app provides choices of different phoneme groups to target in vowel + consonant (VC) syllables. It is organized just like our original app, Speech Therapy for Apraxia, except now the target sounds are in the final position!


  • Choose from 6 different consonant groups (for a total of 19 consonant sounds) to target.
  • For each group, choose the level at which to practice.
  • Detailed instructions explain how to choose an appropriate consonant group and practice level.
  • Moves through a logical progression of 8 different levels for motor planning for speech.
  • Illustration and audio provided for each syllable.
  • Option to repeat levels, reset, or move to next level.
  • Can also be used for straight articulation drill for particular phonemes.

Available for iPad tablets here:


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