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What does it mean if a child has the diagnosis of being on the Autism Spectrum (or is thought to have this diagnosis), and what does NACD do about it? NACD does something very unique. NACD assesses the child as a unique individual with unique development and unique inefficiencies. An accurate assessment of the child’s specific problems points the way to an individualized solution. Each child is different. How each sensory channel is processed is unique. How the child copes with these inefficiencies is unique. As a result, the strategies needed to FIX these problems are unique to that child. NACD is about fixing these problems at their neurological source.

Instead of ascertaining how the child fits within the spectrum, NACD seeks to clearly describe and define exactly what the child is doing. The treatment program is designed after the child is assessed, as a result of the assessments, not the other way around. What does this mean? Every parent knows that their child has unique strengths, difficulties, challenges and behaviors. NACD listens to the parents, observes the child, uses a neurological approach to understand why the child is doing what he or she is doing, and then teaches the parent to do the home program activities designed for that child. NACD helps each parent fully understand their child and enables the parent to confidently work with their own child. Our information, our expertise becomes the parents’ expertise.

We address specific sensory processing issues. We address social interaction, academic function, language development, play skills, cognition, and coordination. The parents’ priorities are NACD’s priorities, and throughout the process support is provided. NACD parents and staff support other parents. Lines of communication are always open. NACD also provides information on a variety of pertinent topics including diet, educational strategies and materials, and supplementation. Our information is based on decades of NACD experience and the feedback and experience of thousands of families.

NACD provides a community of professionals and parents coming together with a common goal – which is to assist each child in functioning more efficiently and confidently in every area of their lives. What do we expect? We expect success!


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