Center for Speech & Sound
Center for Speech & Sound with Lori Riggs

Welcome to the Center for Speech and Sound at the National Association for Child Development.

NACD’s Center for Speech and Sound exists to provide programs to individuals who have concerns related to auditory processing, listening, speech production, language skills, and feeding. Directed by a Certified Speech/Language Pathologist, programs include oral motor activities, articulation therapy, language stimulation, feeding recommendations, and auditory programs. Programs are available for individuals of all ages, including distance supervision around the world. (Speech and feeding programs are available for NACD families only. Auditory programs are open to everyone.)

TSI - Targeted Sound Intervention NACD Home Speech Therapist—Apraxia TSI - Targeted Sound Intervention TLP: The Listening Program
  ABT: Music for Babies ABT: Sound Health Series  

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Simply Smarter TDI - Targeted Developmental Intervention TSI - Targeted Sound Intervention Fast ForWord TLP - The Listening Program emwave Play Attention

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