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Children diagnosed with learning disabilities are misunderstood by most professionals and often by parents as well. The strategy typically used to deal with a learning disability is to slow instruction down in order to give the child a better chance to grasp the information. But by slowing the instruction down, aren’t we ensuring that the child will never catch up? So, if a child has a learning disability, is it a diagnosis that means academic failure?

NACD does not teach the child how to cope with his or her existing learning disability. As a matter of fact, the NACD staff does not use the label “Learning Disabled.” NACD uses an assessment tool that allows us to ascertain the cause or causes of the learning difficulty. Having identified the cause, we are then able to move forward to fix what is wrong. Unlike other programs that help the child cope with the disability, NACD seeks to identify and rectify the underlying causes. These causes are neurological inefficiencies that may impact the child’s ability to process auditory and/or visual information; they may impact the child’s ability to retain information or problem solve. An NACD program designed to correct these neurological inefficiencies is essentially a program to cure the disability.

Our approach is unique and it works. It works for adults with learning disabilities as well as children. An adult or child diagnosed with a “learning disability” does not have to learn to live with it. NACD will work with you and/or your child to develop an efficient if not superior level of function. Many of our “gifted” children came to us as learning disabled. We expect success!

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