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Teaching Chores Better Than Teaching Algebra?

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Why might teaching your child to clean toilets be more helpful than teaching them algebra? I love this video. All schools and parents should learn from this school. I have been extolling the importance of teaching chores and giving children responsibilities for decades. Sadly, parents and schools seem to do a poorer job of this every year. Many parents and … Read More

Chores: An Integral Part of Your Child’s Development & Education

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Toddler Issues a Chore Challenge August 2017 Ogden, Utah Twelve-month-old Arielle is challenging other children to raise the bar and get to work. Today’s children are doing fewer chores than ever before, and as a result we should not be shocked to realize that many teens and young adults have missed some very important lessons. Responsibility Having specific jobs that … Read More

Independence, Initiation, Responsibility, Self-Respect, Self-Awareness, Empowerment, Service: Chores

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by Bob Doman From our tiniest children, who lack the awareness that they can initiate movement, language, or even play, to our teens and young adults who have not established an identity, a sense of worth, or self-respect and who feel entitled, often one of the most significant missing ingredients is ownership of chores. Contributing, having chores, jobs, and responsibilities … Read More

What Were Your Kids Doing Last Saturday?

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by Bob Doman Meet Leia Pope, daughter of Senghor and Claribel Pope and sister to Elaina and Camila. This past Saturday eleven-year-old Leia, one of our NACD homeschool kids from Georgia, probably did something none of your kids did—she flew. While most of her peers around the country had their noses stuck in their phones and iPads, playing video games, … Read More

Start Your Day By Making Your Bed

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by Bob Doman The commencement speech by Admiral William H. McRaven is outstanding, and I believe it has very special significant for parents who are really trying to take charge of their own lives and assume the responsibility for their children’s lives and futures as well. For all of our NACD families, I would request that you watch this video … Read More

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