Central Auditory Dysfunction: “Travis”

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When Travis was 2 years old, I began to suspect that something was wrong. He wasn’t talking except for a few words û maybe a phrase now and then. I took him to a speech pathologist in the public school system who evaluated him at being 1 year behind in his language development. She called it a “mild delay.” At … Read More

Your ADD/ADHD Child and Homeschooling

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by John M. Jaquith, M.Ed. We should let the experts educate our children. Moreover, the experts on any individual child should be directly involved in the education of that child. The most credible experts on any individual child are that child’s parents. Learning begins the moment a child’s brain starts receiving stimulation and doesn’t end until it stops receiving stimulation. … Read More

Your ADD/ADHD Child

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John M. Jaquith, M.Ed. What is ADD and ADHD? Essentially, both of these are labels that describe symptoms. In fact, a list of symptoms is used to identify such children. A child receives a label based on prolonged occurrences of eight or more, out of a possible fourteen, symptoms before the age of seven. These symptoms have been identified as: … Read More

Learning How You Learn: Auditory & Visual Digit Spans – What Do They Mean?

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by Robert J. Doman Jr. HOW TO EVALUATE AUDITORY AND VISUAL SHORT-TERM MEMORY AUDITORY SHORT TERM MEMORY To test the auditory digit span, the parent should slowly (1 digit per second) say number sequences beginning with 2 digits (Example, 4 – 1 sec. Space – 2). Have the child attempt to repeat the sequence. If the child was unable to … Read More

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