Sauna Protocol: For Use with High-Tech Far Infrared Saunas

Here are some beginning protocol recommendations.  Please remember they are only intended as broad guidelines to follow and NOT a prescription or rules set in stone. Without knowing medical history, current and past diet, toxic exposure, genetic patterns, height, weight, etc. –and all this is the beginning—there’s blood work past and present,  other relevant tests,…


Thermos Cooked Cereal

ITEMS NEEDED: A short wide-mouthed thermos. Five organic whole grains (no grains that are rolled, processed, or flaked): millet, barley, rye, amaranth, and flaxseeds. (Even though this is a seed we will treat it like a grain.) Organic raw sunflower, sesame, hemp and pumpkin seeds. Black Strap Molasses. Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Black Cherry Juice Concentrate….