Become . . . Simply Smarter™
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Expand your working memory   Simply Smarter Sequential Processing Software™ is one of the many tools NACD has created for use with its TDI – Targeted Developmental Intervention™.  Simply Smarter™ will help you expand your short term and working memory, learn faster, and remember more. Simply Smarter™ has a simple, fun, easy-to-use format, with automatic record keeping built in. Simply Smarter™ … Read More

NACD: Doing What Works for Homeschooling
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   For nearly thirty years, NACD has helped over 30,000 people of all ages and ability make exceptional strides in their mental and physical development.  Helping people with significant neurological issues has given NACD profound insight into how typical and gifted individuals can achieve highly advanced abilities.   NACD has a long tradition of actively supporting Homeschooling.  They have developed … Read More

Behavior and Processing
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by Ellen Doman Every week I see children who are not co-operating with processing activities. This may be happening with your child. Sorting out what is going on with that situation is a job that you, your support person and your evaluator will need to address. Let’s take a minute, however, and look at some typical scenarios that may help … Read More

NACD KIDS: NACD Changed My Life
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By Melissa G. I remember a lot of things from before program, but I don’t remember how much having an inefficient brain affected all the things that happened to me. Some kids who have problems learning get to the point where they just say, “I have ADHD (or whatever their problem is called)” the same way they would say, “I … Read More

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