Getting Unstuck – Changing the Picture for Your Child

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Implications on everything from what your child will eat to putting down a toilet seat by Bob Doman   Developmentally, behaviorally and educationally children tend to get stuck. The younger the child, the lower the child’s processing or the slower the child’s development, the easier it is for them to get stuck. To understand why these children tend to get … Read More

NACD KIDS: Therapeutic Videos Help Hannah, Lauren and Joseph

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by Ashley Lammons I have three children on the autism spectrum and they have been on NACD’s TDI Targeted Developmental Intervention® for 9 months. I have six-year old twin girls and a son who is now 3 ½. Hannah and her sister Lauren were born prematurely at 25 weeks. Hannah is legally blind. When we started with NACD she was … Read More

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