2019 Transylvania, Romania NACD Event

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by Bob Doman A lot of folks, particularly in the USA, have a hard time describing where in the world Romania is or are able to tell you much of anything about Romania (which unfortunately speaks to our educational system); but ask about Transylvania and everyone’s interest perks up and they conjure up visions of Dracula. This last month I … Read More

Siblings of NACD Special Needs Children: The Game Where Everyone Wins

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by Lyn Waldeck At our recent staff training/brainstorming session last October, it was time to talk about articles for upcoming newsletters. I personally like to contribute in January because it fits right in to New Year’s resolutions, setting priorities, and making plans. Over the years I have actually written articles that touch on some of the key components of this … Read More

Siblings Helping Siblings

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By Sara Erling NACD Evaluator NACD works with cream of the crop parents–parents who are willing to do whatever they can do to help their child succeed. While being able to do an entire program, as well as all your other duties that fall under the job of parent, sounds fairly easy in theory, we all know that reality is … Read More

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