Science Corner Vol. 7 – Sleep Apnea and Its Association to Behavior, Learning Problems and ADHD

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  The Tucson Children’s Assessment of Sleep Apnea Study was published this year in the journal SLEEP [1]. In this study of 263 youth, sleep study and neurobehavioral data was collected twice, five years apart. Twenty-one of the children had persistent sleep apnea throughout the entire study. These children were six times more likely to have behavioral problems when compared … Read More

Oxygen: Why Use a Pulse Oximeter?

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by Steve Riggs, BS, RRT-NPS The use of pulse oximeters has been growing throughout acute healthcare for years but has been slow to catch on in home health and long term care. It has been even slower to catch on for the use of monitoring oxygen trends in the general and special needs populations. NACD has been a spearheading group … Read More

My Brain Needs Oxygen—What Can I Do?

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by Steve Riggs, BS, RRT-NPS How can I get more oxygen into my brain? We all know that our bodies need some attention in order to grow and be healthy. We know that we need a good diet and exercise. But what about our brain? What does it need to be able to grow, to heal, and to learn in … Read More

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