Reflections From an NACD Mom & Coach

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by Melody DeLuca Quite a few of you know my story and journey with NACD, but for those of you who do not here it is in brief: We started our journey with NACD in December 2008. At the time my son Grant, who was five years old, was completely non-verbal, developmentally delayed, a flight risk, very stimmy, and had … Read More

Homeschool & Special Needs Children

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Defining Education and Developmental Opportunity for Special Needs Children: Targeted, Individual Home Based vs. School Based by Bob Doman Many parents of special needs children, as well as children with attention and learning related problems, mistakenly believe their children are receiving a good, real opportunity for development and education from the schools. With rare exception neither public nor private schools … Read More

NACD Math Program

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Now exclusively available for NACD families Free with your NACD membership   NACD Math was designed not only to teach children how to do math, but also to help them learn that math is easy, that they are good at math, and to enjoy it. NACD Math is now made available online for our NACD clients through the NACD Family … Read More

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