TSI: Focused Attention: An Efficacy Study for Adults

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Problems with auditory figure-ground processing—understanding speech in background noise—is a common complaint of adults. The problem appears to increase as we age. As part of its TSI-Targeted Sound Intervention®, NACD created the TSI: Focused Attention program in 2009 to help address figure-ground problems in children. An initial field study (TSI – Focused Attention Field Study Report) and an analysis of … Read More

Hearing Tests: A Primer for Parents

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by Lori Riggs, Certified Speech/Language Pathologist At first glance an audiogram may look simple and straightforward. Delving into interpretation and implications of the audiogram, however, leads to a whole different picture: the mysterious world of audiology. As many more parents have been sending me their child’s audiological reports to try to make sense of them, I have become acutely aware … Read More

Profound Hearing Loss: “Luke”

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Luke was diagnosed as hearing impaired at the age of 11 months. At 2 years of age an Auditory Brain Stem Evoked Response (ABR) showed him to have a severe loss in the right ear and a profound loss in the left ear. We went the conventional route with homebound therapy until age 3, then public school early education program. … Read More

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